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Deb's Cool Links

Tallships is pleased to provide the following links for your fun, reference, or surfing diversion. Each of the sites is chosen because it contains useful, fun, or unique information. Enjoy! To report broken links or to suggest sites, please click

    Home, Garden and JustForFun Stuff

  • American Lung Association
    (Link suggested by Brooke)

  • Kids Guide to Collecting Things
    A website to help kids with collecting.
    (Link suggested by Brendan)

  • Computer & Web Based Hobbies for Kids and Adults

  • Pet Key
    Pet Microchip ID Lookup & Registration for Dogs & Cats

  • Car Cost Canada
    Some options on this site come with a membership fee, but others are free. MSRP of cars less than 4 years old and lot of other useful bits of information here.

  • Canadian Lung Association

  • Optical Illusions: Stereograms
    Deceiving Art: A Guide to Stereograms
    (Thanks to scout Moriah for the link)

  • Gazebo and Deck Building
    "Complete Gazebo & Deck Building Resource"

  • The Top 100 April Fool's Hoaxes of All Time

  • Ingredient Substitutions
    Several Internet discussion groups of dietitians, home economists, chefs and other food professionals were asked their most helpful ingredient substitutions, favorite Internet links and other food substitution resources they find useful.

  • BookFinder
    A database of out of print, rare and sometimes first editions.

  • Household Products Database
    A comprehensive database of household products, with contact information for manufacturers, and known hazards.

  • Name Statistics
    Where does your first or last name rank in the all time most popular list? What is the most popular name for baby boys and girls?

  • First Chapters
    Online first chapters of fiction and non-fiction books... read a chapter to see if you want to buy the book.

  • Optical Illusions
    Optical Illusions - weird, but fun!

  • Baseball Salaries
    Who is your favourite baseball player, and how much does he earn?

  • Family Handyman
    How to do just about anything around the house.

  • How to Clean Anything
    Like the title says... How to clean anything - Pet Stains, Interior, Exterior, Automobiles...

  • About Herbs, Botanicals, and Other Products
    From Sloan-Kettering, evidence-based information on herbs, botanicals, vitamins, and other supplements.

  • Car Info
    Car buying and leasing secrets - Auto repair secrets - Prepare yourself before you go car shopping!

  • How Everyday Things Are Made
    If you've ever wondered how things are made - products like candy, cars, airplanes, or bottles - or if you've been interested in manufacturing processes, like forging, casting, or injection molding, then you've come to the right place.

  • Nutrition Data
    Calorie counter and nutritional data on the most popular fast foods from Wendy's, MacDonalds, Burger King, and more...

  • Wacky Uses
    Did you ever use Lipton Tea to water your plants? Or Miracle Whip to remove tar? Surely you've used Listerine to cure acne and vodka to keep aphids off your houseplants. Unusual uses for ordinary products.

  • MakeOver Solutions
    Join free, upload your own photo and give yourself a virtual makeover!

  • JigSawLand
    JigSaw Puzzles you can do online!

  • The Internet Movie DataBase
    This site has long been in the top 100 websites on the net, but still is a well kept secret to many people who love movies. Find any movie here, a list of movies of a particular actor or director, see how others rate the movies... the must have website for all movie lovers.

  • The Slip-up Archive
    Amusing accidental bloopers or mistakes that weren't caught, and made their way to the viewing public... thousands of goofs that made it to the big screen, the small screen, published books and speeches by notable people!

  • StupidVideos.com
    Just like the name says - Stupid Videos... over 600 of them!

  • Radio Lovers
    Once upon a time, before the internet, a looooong loooooong time ago, there was radio! This site contains a very long list of old time radio programs in mp3 format to listen to free!

  • The Mystical Ball
    If you haven't seen this site yet, you're in for a treat. Simply amazing and incredibly well done! I know how it works. Do you? If you think you've figured it out, email me. We'll publish the name of the first person who is correct.

  • The Temperament Sorter
    Discover the real you - find out what your personality type is.

  • For People Who Really Need a Life
    When the rabbit sees your mouse pointer, he thinks it's a carrot. Go ahead, tease him!

  • PetFinder
    Adopt a homeless pet. This site displays a huge database of homeless pets all over North America. Search by location, species, age, gender... Arrangements can be made with most Humane Societies to transport pets from province to province if desired.